Angel of Death

A few years ago, a person called Arjuna had an accident. He was admitted in hospital for injuries. He could not move his body and the doctors informed him that due to a back injury has has become paralysed. At that time he was in his early 20s. He felt that his future was gone. Suddenly he remembered about Samy and the great respect he has for him as a friend. Arjuna told his brother to fetch Samy to him on his next visit. As requested, Samy went to see him that evening. At that moment, a doctor was examining him and he told them that Arjuna would be bed ridden forever. Arjuna was in tears and Samy consoled him. Samy started to pinch Arjuna in various parts of his body and asked him if he sensed any pain. Arjuna said yes and immediately Samy told him that he would recover soon. After, Samy took small packet of holy ash (vibuthi), prayed and applied it on Arjuna’s forehead. “I think, maybe, in 3 days you can become normal”. Samy’s words were very encouraging for him.

That night while everyone was sleeping, Arjuna was blankly staring at the ceiling. He moved his head around to see whatever he could to pass time. He saw an old man sleeping soundly on the next bed. Suddenly, something caught his eye and he turned his head to look straight ahead. He was a fierce, tall and muscular figure staring directly at him. Its look sent shivers down his spine. Arjuna became helpless and speechless. The figure turned its head towards the old man and showed a whip at him without making a move and disappeared. Arjuna immediately got out of the bed and started to walk up and down the ward without realising that he was cure. When he came to his senses, he was overjoyed by his good condition. Arjuna went to bed after sometime calmly. The nurses who made the morning routine checks were surprised to see his improved condition. Later, they found out that the old man beside him had died. Arjuna phoned his brother and asked him to bring Samy to the hospital.

While waiting for Samy’s arrival, Arjuna took a piece of paper and drew the figure he encountered the night before. When he showed Samy the photo, Samy told him that this was the Angel of Death: “I think the holy ash applied on your forehead had revealed its appearance. Its sight cured your nerve problems and you are now back to normal.” Arjuna thanked Samy for making everything possible and got discharged from hospital on that day itself.

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