Gerard was a very faithful devotee. To avoid unnecessary quarrels with his parents he stayed with his relatives. He was suffering from “a hole in his heart” condition since birth. On knowing our guru through relative, he frequently visited him whenever he felt bored. Once his condition worsened, he got admitted in hospital and the doctors told that he has only a glass of blessed water that improved his condition and he was discharged from hospital. On that day onwards, during his visits he will drink some blessed water. A few years passed he was still surviving though in between he was admitted to hospital. The doctors repeated their warning but he was discharged. He had a girlfriend who married him despite his health problems. Though it was a great sacrifice done by the girl, his health worsened. A few months after marriage, he bought his wife to our guru’s place and informed him that his wife was worried that she hasn’t conceived. Our guru kept quiet and shook his head. After they left, he informed “Gerard will die within 3 months and he is requesting for a child. He was not supposed to get married as it has deteriorated his health”. As predicted, Gerard had some internal bleeding and blood oozed from his nose. He was only in his mid-twenties when he died. His family cremated him.

That night, “Gerard” came to visit our guru. Two angels that escorted him waited at the main door. Gerard came into the bedroom. He touched our guru’s feet with respect. At first our guru raised his hand to give “It” a slap thinking “It” was an evil intruder. On hearing a familiar voice, he stopped and looked closely. it was Gerard who looked like a burnt charcoal and was shivering.

“Who brought you here Gerard?”

“Two angels Samy they are waiting outside for me to return”

“Why didn’t they follow you in?”

“They said that they have no permission from you to enter?”

“Now what can I do for you Gerard?”

“I wish to be born again, I miss my wife”

“She is not your wife anymore and I advice you not to wish for a next birth I will send you to a beautiful place and you will be happy there. I will visit occasionally you can leave now.”

Samy bid farewell and slept.

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