Raja & Wife

Raja’s wife frequently suffered from fits. She became very upset about her problem and was embarrassed about it too. She decided to attempt suicide through sleeping pills. Raja who came back home realised what his wife had done. He immediately called for an ambulance. The medical officers informed that his wife was in a serious condition. In the hospital, the doctors gave her some treatment but could not promise Raja anything.

Raja and a friend who came to console him were very worried. An office cleaner advised them to see Samy and seek his help. It was about midnight but they insisted in meeting him. They went to Samy’s place and informed him everything. Samy calmly took down the ward number and ICU Bed number and told them to return to hospital. He would visit the patient in a short while. Raja asked him to follow them but Samy declined and went back inside. They lefties place and took a cab back to the hospital. When the cab stopped, Raja saw Samy walking towards the wife’s room.

Raja;s wife saw Samy and he scolded her for acting stupidly. He took a glass of water and prayed. Raja’s wife was very weak but somehow she drank the water. Samy advised her not to do such things again. “You will not have fits again. OK. I’m leaving now tell your husband that I had visited you” and with that Samy took his leave from the hospital. Meanwhile, Raja hurried into the ward and saw his wife sitting on the bed. “Did you see Samy, he asked. He just left” his wife replied. “Yes I saw him walking in while alighting from the taxi but I didn’t see him leave. I wonder how he could get here so fast”. Raja’s wife recovered and was discharged from the hospital. They visited Samy and thanked him for his great help. However, Raja was very anxious to find out how Samy came to the hospital so fast and disappeared from there. Samy answered him “Actually what you saw there was my ‘inner self’ and that is how I travel while in sleep”. From that day onwards, Raja became Samy’s good friend. Presently, Raja settled down in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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