The Milk Ocean

Once there was an old lady in Johore. She knew Samy for many years and treated him like another son. From her personal view, divine dreams and personal experience, she believed that Samy is a very special person. Regardless of age difference, she prayed to our Guru’s photo. She also kept his pair of old shoes below the prayer-altar. She never bothered about other’s comments.

One day she was having severe pain in her ear. She was washing clothes while scolding Samy for not curing it. She believed that Samy would know anything from wherever he was. True enough, while she was still mumbling, someone invisible gave her a hard slap on her face. She was shocked and sat quietly for awhile and she slowly realised her ear ache disappeared.

This lady once dreamt Samy was lying on a huge five-headed snake on the Milk Ocean. Samy was asking her to come nearer to him. She said that she was afraid to drown in the Milk Ocean and stayed ashore. When she told Samy about this dream, Samy knew that she would not live long.

As expected, the old lady was bed ridden. Samy was too busy and never visited her or contacted her for sometime. One night, Samy received a call from her daughter revealing that there mother was very serious and she was yearning to see him for the last time. It was late and Samy knew that he would not reach there on time and he decided no to go.

Samy told his disciple that the old lady was a staunch devotee and he need not go there but she will come to him. Samy went to bed and his disciple was also sleeping. Suddenly a voice was heard and it was calling loudly and clearly for “Krishna, Krishna…” and it was circling the room. The disciple woke up and sat wondering while Samy singled to his disciples to lie down quietly. In a few seconds, the sound approached Samy and stopped. Samy’s body changed like an old woman and in a second got back to normal.

After sometime, the phone rang and the disciple was informed that the old woman has passed away. Samy told his disciple: “You have just witnessed how a soul reaches me. Out of millions of souls in this world only two or three reaches me (salvation). I am in human form that is why you could see me changing if not you can only see light”

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